Ritchie Lowe

“[Ritchie] liked Blue the best of all the horses. The two of them rode so well together, Ritchie’s thin body almost melting into Blue’s back…”

Ritchie, as described by his Uncle Cal.

Name: Richard Frederick Lowe, II

Appearance: Thin, like his uncle, but not nearly as tall. Ritchie has dirty blond hair, verging on light brown, and blue eyes like his father. Because of this, he sticks out like a sore thumb around all the brown-eyed Womacks. As a child, he’s wide-eyed with a smattering of freckles on his nose, and his hair is always messy and verging on long. He isn’t a fan of haircuts. As an adult, he wears a beard and sometimes a ponytail under a low-brim cap. Clean shaven, he has a boyish face well into adulthood.

Character Influences:

Personality: My brothers and cousin, who all have a quiet stoicism about them but also have a bright, crisp humor and ability to make people laugh. Physical appearance: young Mark Hamill


Birth Date: August 12, 1942
Birth Place: Montgomery, Alabama
Hometown: Pine Creek, Alabama

Secrets: Ritchie figures out he might have been an accident, and that his mother never intended to have a second child.
Quirks: Ritchie is an observer, and often sifts into silent observation. This is a trait he has even before losing his hearing at age 7. He prefers watching conversations unfold, but does open up around those closest to him.

Theme Song:

Temperament & Personality: Ritchie is kind and thoughtful. He thinks more about others than he often does himself, which leads him to put others before himself time and time again. He makes bad decisions in an attempt to do the right thing for others.

Religion: Methodist by birth, but not really religious in later years. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in God, it’s just that he doesn’t feel like he has a place in church at Pine Creek. If he does attend, he slips in after church has started and out again during the benediction, sitting in the back and not speaking to anyone.
Likes: Ritchie loves horses, and has always felt at home among the animals on the farm. There’s nothing he likes better than an afternoon down by the creek. He likes Coca Colas, Janie Wall, his horse Blue, (and later her daughter Pear‚) reading (McCullers, is a favorite,) and being with his family. Life makes sense to him when he’s walking in the woods behind his house.


Degrees:  Alabama School for the Deaf, high school. diploma 1960
Occupation: Cahawba County Board of Health; farmer


Immediate Family: Althea Womack Lowe, mother; Selma Lowe, sister; Fred Lowe, father
Close Relatives: Cal & Ada Claire Womack, aunt & uncle; Junior Womack, cousin; Boo Mama, grandmother.
Ancestors: Mansel Womack