Family Tree

The Womack Family Tree


Bold represents the major characters around whom the story unfolds. Through these characters, we see and experience much of the story, and sections are told through their point of view.

Major Characters:
Ritchie Lowe, protagonist, brother to Selma
Selma Lowe Meyers, protagonist, sister to Ritchie
Althea Womack Lowe, their mother
Ora Womack “Boo Mama”, their grandmother
Cal Womack, their uncle (mother’s brother)
Ada Claire Kendrick Womack, their aunt (Cal’s wife)
Junior Womack, their first cousin (Cal & Ada Claire’s son)
Marjorie Womack, Selma & Ritchie’s aunt
Laine Meyers, Selma’s daughter

Minor Characters:
Big Lewis: Cal’s first cousin
Cousin Zeola: Lewis’s wife
Aunt Froney & Cousin Jacob: Cal’s & Lewis’s cousins
Grandma Caroline: Cal & Althea’s grandmother (their father’s mother. Grandma Caroline’s father built the family home.)