The Home Stretch

Everything has finished up so fast! My director has had me revise the first 225 pages already, which feel really tight and cohesive, especially the beginning. Unfortunately, the last 100 pages feel like a train wreck. Tying up endings has proven harder than I imagined. Don’t get me wrong—I know where and how the book ends, but making sure the paths of all the characters reach that point has been difficult.

All that to say, I’m sitting on a manuscript right now that’s 322 pages/106400 words. Not bad for three years work! I’m realizing now, more than anything, how much work I will still have to do on this novel after turning it in to my committee, mostly because I think they’re feedback is really going to help me tie together the ending.

In exciting news, Mason will have an Agent Speed Dating day in April, where we’ll get to pitch our manuscripts to agents! AH! And Mason’s spring writing contests are coming up, so I will be working on submissions for that as well.

Current writing tasks on the docket:

  • Full drafts due to my director and second reader on Monday, 3/6 (turning them in early because I really need their feedback on the ending.)
  • Section due to my third reader on Monday, 3/6
  • Alabama Trip 3/8-3/27: overlapping my spring break, I’m headed down to Alabama for a mix of wedding/thesis stuff. Bridesmaids dress shopping, heavy manuscript revision, letting my mother finally read the whole thing, visiting the historic Selma Pilgrimage, and *fingers crossed* scheduling a trip up to the Alabama Institute for the Deaf & Blind.
  • During this trip, edit and revise, work on my article for my Research in Narrative Writing class (about oralism versus bilingualism in deaf education in mid-century America) and work on tightening up the ending.

Expect more fact posts coming while I’m in Alabama!



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