My thesis is due to the George Mason Library in FOUR MONTHS—that’s 120 days! How did we get here so soon? January 24th will mark the start of my last semester of classes, and I only have six credits left to take: 3 in thesis, and 3 in a creative non-fiction (we have to take one out-of-genre class while at Mason.)

Can y’all believe it?!

In honor of this milestone, I’ve made a countdown calendar in my office and on the sidebar of this site. Between now and then, I have several major (formal and self-imposed) deadlines. I sent my current draft of my thesis to my director on December 31st, and here’s what I have to do between now and May 5th.

(This does NOT include all the rigmarole of formatting my thesis, Format Reviews, signatures, etc. I promise y’all don’t care about that.)


  • Thesis Director reads current draft (in progress.)
  • Meet with Thesis Director (before classes start.)
  • Finish writing any major scenes (approx. half a dozen) by mid-January.
  • Classes begin January 23rd—my first class is January 24th.
  • Begin bi-weekly meetings with Thesis Director (late January.)
  • Finish reading current draft & editing (hard copy) by January 31st.


  • Transpose hard copy edits to digital by February 13th.
  • Meet with Thesis Director 2x.
  • Begin to edit newer scenes by February 28th.
  • Progress Report on MFA Project (this website) due by February 28th.


  • Meet with Thesis Director (early March.)
  • Send Revised Draft to Thesis Director by March 9th.
  • Begin editing draft given Director feedback March 10-19th.
  • Finish editing second draft no later than March 31st.


  • MFA Project (this website) due April 1st.
  • Email revised draft to Thesis Committee by April 9th.
  • Receive feedback from Thesis Committee & make appropriate changes (late April.)


  • Thesis due to University Dissertation & Thesis Services NLT May 5th by 5 pm.
  • Graduate Student Reading: May 17th.

And that’s it! Short of getting my diploma and graduating, I’ll be formally done!




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